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Searching for Industrial Property information is one of the more complex and specialised of the legal and technical data retrieval tasks.

It requires knowledge of patent, trade mark and registered design proceedings; knowledge of the practical administration of the Patent, Trade Mark and Registered Designs Offices; and a knowledge of foreign law and practice. On top of this, a technical background over a wide range of disciplines is essential.

Since 1979, R E Kemp & Co Pty Limited has been providing clients in patent attorney firms, legal practices, universities and industry with the Industrial Property information they require.

Our specialty is the searching of Industrial Property records, both local and overseas. This includes comprehensive investigations into scientific and technical records.

Because we only gather information and do not give advice on registrability or infringement, our searches are probably less expensive than the service you are currently using. Naturally, when the issues of infringement or registrability need to be addressed, expert legal advise should be obtained from a patent attorney or solicitor.

Through our experience with a variety of clients who have a wide range of Industrial Property needs, we are able to assist them to ask the right questions so they receive the exact information required.

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