Registered Designs Searching


The Designs Novelty Search involves the searching of classified designs Form B and Representations. The search includes all designs registered from 1906 through to the present. The search does not include applications not yet registered as these are not published until registration.


The Designs Infringement Search includes registered designs that are currently in force (i.e. those with applications filed over the past 16 years that are registered and have been renewed as renewal falls due).


Proprietor Searching includes registered owners of designs, applicants for design registrations, and assignments. Normally the search covers a period of 16 years, but longer or shorter periods may be searched as instructed.

Watching Services
Proprietor Watch

This service provides information about every application for registered design that is filed in a given name. It is an ideal way of monitoring your competitors' activities. This service is reported monthly or as requested.

Application/Registration Number

This service follows the path of any given application or registration through the Registered Designs Office. Any change of status is reported. It is an ideal way of obtaining a copy of the representation of the registered article as soon as the registration occurs.

Subject Matter

This service provides a copy of the Form B and Representation of each registered design that is classified to a particular International Design Classification mark or range of marks. It provides information about competitors' products and potential new competitors.

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